It all starts with one micron of unlimited potential.

Expand your enterprise, distinguish your product and forge your own path in the landscape of print with our HP Indigo

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HP Indigo Technology enables you to print with the largest variety of colours and spot inks, digital printing has ever seen.

The HP Indigo 7800 Digital press delivers the smoothest and sharpest prints in the industry, matching offset quality. Indigo printing can provide superior colour printing with 7 ink stations, allowing for 4, 6 or 7 process colours to be used. With no setup costs, unlike traditional offset printing, businesses can print small quantities of Books, Annual Reports and Manuals more cost effectively on demand.

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HP Indigo Digital printing is quick, and affordable compared to printing a similar little undertaking on an offset press.

HP Indigo Digital printing is terrific for small runs most commonly amounts of 750 or less. Leaflets, perfect bound books, saddle stitched brochures, post cards, variable printing, etc. The procedure permits client and the designer to print a more fair and some would claim sustainable quantity that avoids overprinting a piece that ultimately ends up in the landfill.